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Simple Ways to Improve Your Body Image

At Sugar’d, we see people in an intimate setting—especially if they’re having bikini and brazilian treatments. It’s natural to feel insecure when another person sees you in a literally naked state, where everything is laid on the table. If you have a negative body image, attending these appointments can be stressful; we totally get it. […]

Let’s Talk Body Image

Let’s face it: we (as in the majority of North America) are a society that places incredible emphasis on what the general population deems to be beautiful. We’ve chosen a certain type of body that we feel is aesthetically pleasing, and then placed that body image on a pedestal so high that all we can […]

5 Reasons to Try a Brazilian

Think a brazilian isn’t worth the blood, sweat, and tears? (Not the nationality—the hair removal.) Let us guess: it’s because you actually think brazilians mean blood, sweat, and tears. They don’t! Don’t give yourself a bum deal by avoiding a brazilian—here are 5 reasons to take the plunge: You Do Other Things That Hurt Worse […]

Sugaring is for Every Body

Nope, that’s not a typo. At Sugar’d, we like to promote a healthy body image for all of our clients—we all need to stick together and lift each other up, whether we identify as male or female, and regardless of our weight, skin colour and ethnic backgrounds. We’re all the same—we all want to feel […]

Skincare Before and After Hair Removal

Hair care and skincare are both equally important, and when you’re consistently invested in aesthetic hair removal, the skin that holds those hair follicles needs a little love. At Sugar’d, we offer advice on both pre-hair removal and post-hair removal: Before Hair Removal In the weeks leading up to your sugaring appointment, we recommend gently […]