Ladies and Gentlemen: Stop Shaving!

Stop shaving!

Although hair removal is usually thought of as something women engage in or practice, the fact is, most men choose to remove hair, too. Nowadays, most men and women in Canada and the United States can say they’ve tried some form of hair removal, whether it be shaving legs, waxing an upper lip or underarm, or sugaring their bikini line.

But what do we really think about hair removal?

Some women believe that hair removal is somewhat of a double standard (having to shave two full legs from 12 years on every couple of days is no light work), but most also will say that they find it necessary or enjoy the feeling of having smooth legs—especially in the summer.

And shaving every couple of days isn’t even necessary…you can employ hair removal methods that last much longer, like sugaring! If you hate shaving so frequently, try our method, and you won’t be sorry.

So what about men?

Many men love to remove hair on their arms (and underarms!), especially if they have tattoos they want to show off during the summer months. Sugaring is great for this, too—the process is fast and efficient and lasts for weeks, not days.

Men also use our services to remove hair on their back and neck—places that are difficult to shave or wax on one’s own. Again, the result is favourable because it lasts a long time in comparison to shaving.

Bottom line? Stop shaving! We know you all love smooth skin and remove at least a little bit of your unwanted body hair on a somewhat regular basis. If you’re doing it anyway, why not do it in an effective way that lasts way longer than 24-48 hours?!

To book a sugaring appointment, visit our website at, and choose the location you’d like to visit—there are six of them for your convenience.

Dare to be bare, friends! Stop shaving and start sugaring.

Summer Hair Removal for Men

Yes, men elect to remove their body hair, too. If you’re considering hair removal, don’t waste your time—try sugaring! Hair removal for men is exactly the same as hair removal for women. We don’t discriminate, and it’s way more common than you might think.

So what do men typically choose to get sugared? Here are some popular options we offer:

Male Brazilian

Yep—this one’s a popular choice of hair removal for men. Men like to be bare down there, too, and if you’re a guy who thinks that men don’t need to ‘manscape’, think again. Do you like it when your partner takes the time to clean her/himself up?

We thought so. Try a male brazilian!

*Note: only our Langley and Chilliwack locations offer male Brazilians, so if you’re into it, be sure to book your appointment at one of these salons.


This is another popular choice for men. Although sporting a hairy back and/or shoulders at the beach is totally cool, if it bothers you and you want that hair gone, sugaring is the best way to take care of it.

Sugaring lasts longer than most other hair removal methods, it’s typically less painful, and our sugar paste is room temperature—not hot. This bodes well for having hair removed where you can’t see it yourself.


Men who have a lot of leg hair often enjoy the feeling of having smooth legs. Not only can tons of hair make it difficult to apply sunscreen in the summertime, but ultra-hairy legs can also make you very warm in the sun!

If you’re a swimmer, you probably shave. Do yourself a favour, and get sugared, instead. It’s way less upkeep, and will save you loads of time.


Arms are a big one for guys who want to show off their tattoos—if you have an amazing piece you want to make visible, let us help you make that happen! Our sugar paste creates a smooth, clean result that optimizes the appearance of that art on your arms.


Again, a smooth chest is becoming more and more desirable during the summer months, due to the reasons we mentioned above. (Sunscreen plus hot temperatures equals messy and uncomfortable.)

The most important thing is to be comfortable in your own body. If you have no interest in hair removal, then that’s totally fine! But hair removal for men is becoming more and more popular, because the stigma has been lifted, and more men are talking about the results (which they love).

Contact us today to book your first appointment and give sugaring a try. Remember to call the location closest to you, and book with that particular salon.

Enjoy the hot weather, and let us help you feel amazing in the skin you’re in!