benefits of lemon juice

The Health Benefits of Lemon Juice

Hey there, body hair removal enthusiasts! It’s that time of year when we’re caught between Christmas and New Year’s, and things tend to slow down. We could talk about lots of things, but we thought we’d focus on one of the ingredients in our sugar paste: lemon juice.

Sugar paste is made of water, sugar, and lemon juice. The purpose of the lemon juice is to naturally preserve our product, but lemon juice also has tons of general interesting health benefits.


Yup—lemon juice is great for the skin. It’s a natural purifier and detoxifier, and your skin cells love it. It’s also anti-inflammatory, so when used on the skin, it can help to reduce swelling caused by insect bites, burns, and more.

Digestive System

Trust us: your intestines love lemon juice. As a natural cleanser of all things (due to its extreme anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties), lemon juice aids in clearing away extra debris from your tummy.

Often, a consistent regimen of freshly squeezed juice of a lemon mixed with water first thing in the morning can even help with weight loss!


As mentioned above, lemon juice makes a fabulous cleanser. Not just for your body, though—it also naturally cleans and eliminates bacteria on kitchen, bathroom, and floor surfaces.


Again, lemon’s ability to be powerfully anti-bacterial can be used for many things, in many ways. The juice of the lemon makes a great nutrition supplement and cleaner. The essential oils pulled from the rind are great to diffuse in your home to purify the air around you.

Lemon oils can also be added to your dishwasher and used as a rinse agent, as well as add a fresh, anti-bacterial component to your loads of laundry.

Bottom line? Lemon juice is a terrific addition to many things that we use every single day, and it only makes sense that we use it in our sugar paste.

If you’ve never tried sugaring before, give us a call and book an appointment— we’re proud of our product, and the results are fantastic.

Happy Holidays!