Sugaring is for Every Body

Nope, that’s not a typo. At Sugar’d, we like to promote a healthy body image for all of our clients—we all need to stick together and lift each other up, whether we identify as male or female, and regardless of our weight, skin colour and ethnic backgrounds.

We’re all the same—we all want to feel comfortable in a bathing suit, right?

If you hadn’t already noticed, Sugar’d has 6 locations, and each location is owned and operated by women who look very different from one another. We take pride in our diverse appearances, and so should you!

While other hair removal businesses advertise what the media depicts as ‘perfect people’ in tight bikinis, we want to be true to ourselves and realistic—we all come in different shapes and sizes, and it doesn’t matter what we look like, where we’ve been, or where we’re going—we all want our hair removal experiences to be comfortable (silly, even!), professional, and performed by someone who knows that people don’t come in a standard, uniform shape.


More than recognizing that we’re all different looking and that’s what makes us all interesting and amazing people, we also strive to poke a little fun at the idea of hair removal in general.

We provide Muff Wipes at the time of your sugaring appointment so you can freshen up beforehand should you choose to do so, and tiny, squishy beavers to grip and squish during your appointment in case the hurt gets to be a little much. (Like around the time of menstruation.)

We also sing to you if you need a silly song. (Just joking—but if you asked, we’d probably do it.)

Bottom line? Hair removal should be as pleasant and comfortable experience as possible, and we want to make that happen for you. We don’t bat an eye over gender, weight, hair growth, age, race, or anything else.

We remove hair for a living. From private parts. You don’t scare us, and we promise not to scare YOU. So don’t beat around the bush (get it?)—call the location nearest you today to book your sugaring appointment.

Dare to be bare, friends! It’s liberating, and we’ll help you feel your best by doing our best at making you feel comfortable and at home here. See you soon, and happy sugaring!