women who get a brazilian

What is a Brazilian?

Well, aside from folks originating from Brazil, a ‘brazilian’ refers to removing all of the hair from the pelvic area, labia, and bum. Essentially, you’re very bare down there when we’re done with you.

Wondering why people do this? Think it sounds painful? Have many more follow-up questions? Most people do, so let’s address these right now:

Why Would Someone Want a Brazilian?

Believe it or not, brazilians are our most requested hair removal service. People love the smooth, hairless aspect to it, and it’s not as painful as one might imagine.

Which brings us to…

Is Brazilian Hair Removal Painful?

It depends on your pain tolerance, but most people find that having hair removed via sugar is less painful than waxing. The areas that are most sensitive are actually on the pubic mound, not the labia or bum as one might imagine.

In other words, brazilians are really no more painful than a regular bikini treatment. We encourage you to try it and assess for yourself!

Fun fact: we provide small, squishy beavers to squeeze if your pain tolerance is low. They’re similar to stress balls, but they make our clients laugh.

How Long Does a Brazilian Last?

Generally speaking, hair removal via sugar lasts completely for about 2 weeks, and then grows back more sparsely. Sugaring treatments are usually 4-5 weeks apart, depending on your rate of hair growth.

Does Sugar’d Offer Brazilians?

Of course! As we mentioned above, a brazilian is our most requested hair removal service. It takes about 15-20 minutes depending on the volume of your hair, and once it’s done, you’ll love it—we promise.

And that’s that! Have even more questions? Check out our FAQ page. To book an appointment, visit our website and figure out which Sugar’d location is closest to you. Contact that location directly to book your brazilian appointment. (Or any other form of hair removal service.)

Dare to be bare—everywhere!